My thoughtful hens!

Today is February 28, 2019, my 53rd birthday! I had been reading about the chicken tractors, how you can move your chickens around everyday to new grass and bugs. Good for them, good for the ground. So back in December I found one on Ebay. It was shaped like a barn, made out of material that could simply be cleaned with a water hose, had a loft for the chickens to roost and a nesting box. It cost $243 but should last a long time and was super cute so I just had to order it! It took me and my son a couple of hours to put it together but I was still pleased with my purchase. I put 4 hens and a rooster that were born in November in it. In a couple of hours the green grass was gone and they needed to be moved to a new spot. So I pulled up their little walk way to the loft and moved them to fresh grass. It was not as easy to move as I imagined. I was wishing I had gotten the smaller one, but I continued to move them two or three times a day for the past 3 months. At first I was putting a bowl of fresh water inside but that was a nasty mess to clean everyday. I now hang two bowls from the side so their water stays cleaner. They drink a lot,

so I fill them a couple of times a day. This thing is a little more work than I thought it would be, but the chickens are happy, healthy and clean. This morning when I went out to start my regimen, I was thrilled to find two pretty blue-green eggs in the nesting box on the chicken tractor! My thoughtful hens waited til my birthday to lay their first eggs. This afternoon their was another one in there. Maybe the fourth one will lay before midnight, if not, I will take a late birthday present!

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